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We Do Drywall Repair

We provide complete drywall repair services in Louisville and Southern IN. Ceiling leak and get stained? We can patch it, seal it, and paint it for you. And you’ll never know it was there. If you have drywall sagging that’s not a problem, we can remove and replace, or reattach it for you.

If your drywall is cracking over a door or window in your home call us. We can come out and tape it up, re-glaze it, then sand it and paint it. If we don’t do it this way the crack will come right back. And we don’t want that.

We know that you will be trusting us with what’s potentially your largest investment (your home), and we’re committed to respecting that trust. That means doing your repair the right way.

Dustless Drywall Sanding

We Use Dustless Drywall Sanders

Having interior drywall work done is a dusty business, if you’re doing wallpaper removal it can get even worse.

Long ago we invested in dustless sanding equipment that uses a special vacuum set up.

As we sand all of the dust is caught by a dustless sanding machine that filters the dust particles all the way down to 3 microns. After we finish a drywall repair job there’s no dust all over your house or in your HVAC system.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

When your ceiling is damaged from a leaking roof. Always have your roof repair done before you call us. We can’t in good conscious do your ceiling repair if it’s going to come back because your roof leaked again. The most common areas for a roof to leak are around chimneys or vents. A lot of roof repair happens in Valleys. So if you’re needing ceiling drywall repairs, then you’ll need to address your roof ASAP.

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