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Our Exterior Painting Process

Don Smitley’s crew of “Best Pro Painters” have been doing beautiful exterior house painting projects and deck staining, in and around Louisville KY for over 30 years. We use only the highest quality materials ensuring that your exterior paint job lasts well into the future. A house needs to have a totally sealed quality finish on it and this is what we provide. Beyond the high quality primer, paint, and caulking products that we choose, we attribute the longevity of our projects to over the top prep. You can’t just do a little scraping here and there and then paint an exterior and expect it to last. It just doesn’t work that way. Typically we will spend an entire day doing just doing our pressure washing.

Exterior Painters

Exterior Wood Trim Door and Window Painting

If you have a brick home and only need to have your windows, doors, and trim painted, we can provide those painting services for you here in Louisville and the surrounding areas. We’re very thorough with our preparation when doing exterior trim work, and use only the highest quality of products for these projects. Window glazing is a specialty of ours that takes a lot of skill and experience to have not only a job that looks great at the end, but also a job that will last for years.

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